CLE Injury Courses

About Us

CLE Injury Website was created by the executives at Accident Works of America to offer educational courses to plaintiff’s attorneys to maximize settlement valuation on bodily injury claims. The courses carry CLE Accreditation with handouts and are offered at no cost in the comfort of your own office. (See directory for a Course Presenter nearest you).

Course presenters are comprised of our physician members who have received medical expert certification in the exemplary 1191M Injury Model: Impairment Rating by Attending Physician, Standard 1-3 Body Parts, performed at MMI/Discharge. This assessment is intended to be performed on injury patients and/or when litigation is presumptive, in order to exchange complex data, interface and input added valuation into a bodily injury (Colossus) claim. Many medical experts are still using the CPT 99204 Medicare Evaluation & Management (E&M) level assessment and miss many of the decision points and value drivers of a bodily injury claim.

The site was originally designed as a platform where our trained medical experts could educate plaintiff's attorneys about the injury severity types that are often overlooked and that carry significant valuation. It is estimated that 45% of auto injured clients have a spine injury that carries a 66 thousand dollar set-aside, case settlement reserve by insurers that is not visible by the human eye and is subsequently being overlooked. Realizing that is a lot to leave on the table, this site was born.

This has grown to now include courses on; Countering Colossus, Preventing Unfair Settlement Valuations, Eliminating Varying Medical Opinions And Disputes, Overcoming Unfair Claim Settlement Practice Act's, Establishing The Preponderance of Evidence, Winning The Greater Weight Challenges, Enhancing And Reversing Low Settlement Valuations and the diofferences in medical evaluators that can significantly effect the injury claim.

We make available FREE use of a proprietary online tool named “Zeusclaim” to counter Colossus, exchange complex data, interface and input added valuation into a Colossus claim while saving 50% of legal time and spend in formulating a demand. We also provide medical-legal e-Books that are very helpful to understand and prepare demands representing the medical components of an injury claim.

Our CLE Courses and e-Books can be ordered through our CLE Injury Site and presented to you by a certified Course Presenter listed in our directory.